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Posterplus Ltd

7 Alloway Place

KA7 2AA Ayr


Phone: 01292/291022

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Posterplus are a long established outdoor advertising company with almost 20 years experience and expertise in the industry.

Based in Scotland we operate across the UK & Ireland and our prime focus is based on the development of premier digital outdoor advertising structures and the acquisition of historic billboard sites or portfolios.

As a truly independent media company we are not restricted by standard industry practices or trading agreements, we take a more entrepreneurial approach to every project and deliver results that far exceed other companies in the market, the outdoor advertising industry for many years has been structured to facilitate a few key media companies and bound by dated trading practices, the introduction of digital formats, technology and new entrants allows for more opportunities and competition in the market. We don’t follow the rules, we make them.

We offer a full client solution on the delivery of outdoor digital media and including site appraisal, survey, design, planning and installation. Our team includes land and property experts, qualified planners & surveyors along with extensive estate management and acquisition experience.
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