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How much is the listing.
An entry on our website, as well as changes are free of charge or paid depending on the type of entry. We offer a free entry. We are pleased of course, if you support our work with a link from your website to our portal.

A company is listed with erroneous data! What can I do?
Each entry on our website can be changed by the owner. To do this, there is a link on the respective profile "Modify entry".
This link will forward you to the customer area. If you want to take over an entry, use the function take over. Changes are confirmed after the confirmation to our editorial offices.

Why do I have to add that much data?
acompio ist ein Branchenportal, über das unsere Besucher gezielt nach Unternehmen suchen können. Ähnlich wie in jedem anderen Verzeichnis steigt die Qualität des Branchenbuches mit der Qualität der Einträge. Wir haben dazu Mindestanforderungen definiert, um unseren Besuchern umfassende und vollständige Informationen zu liefern. Im Gegensatz dazu stellt ein vollständiges Profil Ihres Unternehmens eine wertvolle Quelle zur Eigendarstellung dar und dient somit der Bekanntheit vor allem in Onlinemedien. Wir bieten dazu die Möglichkeit, umfassende Beschreibungen zu Ihrem Unternehmen anzulegen.

Where does the data come from?
acompio based on current data that we obtain from reputable data dealer. These data are enriched by their own research and completed. Business listings of our visitors remain set on the portal.

I want to delete an entry. What should I do?
Please send us an email via the contact form. To delete we need the following data. First, the ID of the entry. These can be found in the profile in the address range (entry ID: XXXXXXX). The ID is max. 7 digits. Please send the company name as well. We also ask for a brief description of the reason of cancellation, so that our editors can understand it. Without the input of these data, we can not make any cancellation.

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