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QD Design

14 Murray Place



Phone: 7718/589338

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About QD Design - founded in 2004, we have ever since that day focused solely on websites. Why? Because, despite what some would have you believe, designing and deploying an effective website is technically challenging and highly specialised. There is much more to it than what the user sees on their screen when they visit a site.

Therefore, we don't do banners, hats, golf gifts, mugs, T shirts etc. Instead, we obsess about making seriously fast, fully responsive, user focused websites that REALLY deliver. You wouldn't ask a home decorator to paint your car, let alone your portrait (though it is after all, only painting), so why would someone offer the equivalent for developing a website?

We spend as much times as we can, understanding you and your intended audience so that we design and deliver the website that YOU truly need, not simply what we want to design.

We are happy working in "good old" html / css / javascript, building sites by hand for the very fastest load times, as well as Content Management Systems such as WordPress with the multitude of plug ins and features they offer. We don't insult your intelligence by using 'drag and drop' site building software (that you could have used yourself) and pass the work off as our own code. Neither do we “offshore” work and let the customer believe that it is being done locally, when in fact it is being created thousands of miles away. All work we undertake is done here in NE Scotland.

Finally, we can even host your site for you as well. Using UK based, flexible cloud servers, we can provide cost effective, secure and scalable hosting for your site.
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